Making sense of the complex and ever-changing world we live in is like navigating a vortex. To chart a successful course, we write and talk about business, politics, society, culture, and what it all means…offering perspectives on how to think critically and to make sound decisions.

Keeping issues on (y)our radar.

Taking a big-picture perspective, we look at the geopolitical and geoeconomic context of events and developments around the world, offering historical context and forward-looking assessments alike. We don’t comment on just anything, but we always have our eyes on some of the key issues that shape the world we live in.

True north.

Complexity and constant change don’t mean that it’s impossible to understand what’s going on, but that there is a lot to understand. And understanding also requires making judgements. We don’t preach, but neither do we hide our ethical compass.

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Big-picture geopolitical and geoeconomic commentary with an ethical compass.


Author | Editor | Professor of International Security, University of Birmingham, England, UK
Making sense of the complex and ever-changing world we live in.
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