Navigating the Vortex
Navigating the Vortex
Boardroom Accountability, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, and the Role of Business in Stability

Boardroom Accountability, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, and the Role of Business in Stability

Join hosts Lucy Marcus and Stefan Wolff for a deep dive into some of the most pressing issues of today and tomorrow.

In this episode of "Navigating the Vortex," Lucy and Stefan discuss the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland, the escalating conflict in Sudan, and the role that business and investment can play in promoting political stability.

They also touch on the impending Ukrainian counteroffensive and the impact of the conflict on corporations, with knock-on economic and supply issues that are reaching beyond the region and into boardrooms around the world.

Plus, they talk about corporate governance and the overarching theme of accountability that is emerging from Annual General Meeting (AGM) season this year, as investors hold companies to account for the promises they made in the past and the commitments they’ve made for the future.

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Navigating the Vortex
Navigating the Vortex
We live in a complex and ever-changing world. To navigate the vortex we must adapt to change quickly, think critically, and make sound decisions. Lucy Marcus & Stefan Wolff talk about business, politics, society, culture, and what it all means.